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Definitions and Abbreviations

Duke is the shortened form for Duke Soko Technologies Limited and it will be interchangeably used throughout this contract.


The terms ‘SUPPLIER’, ‘IMPORTER’, and ‘WHOLESALER’ will be used interchangeably to refer to the other party Duke will enter into an agreement with, in this contract. 

Resellers are the Duke app users who resell suppliers’ products listed on the platform.

‘Goods’, ‘Orders’, and ‘Parcels’ refers to the products a supplier will provide for delivery.



The purpose of this Agreement is to acknowledge that the SUPPLIER will use the DUKE platform to distribute products, manage orders, improve brand visibility, and set forth certain responsibilities of the parties in relation to the terms and conditions agreed upon which encapsulates the tasks to be carried out by both parties. 

Duke Services

Duke will provide

A distribution platform that helps brands to get real people to sell their products. Duke allows suppliers to bring their offline model online, and improve brand visibility. We offer zero upfront costs to offer the services mentioned above.


The app

Suppliers’ products will be listed on the Duke platform. Our users for the Duke platform are called resellers. Resellers will resell your products listed on our Duke platform Resellers reserve the right to sell your products at an extra fee as their commission for reselling.


Categories and Commission

 Registration on Duke is free however, Duke charges a commission on every sale. A commission of 10 per cent for the services listed above.  Duke reserves the right to revise the commission whenever it deems fit. Duke reserves the right to decline listing products on the platform due to high prices that do not allow resellers to add commissions.

The Duke Dashboard

Duke shall provide a Dashboard that allows the SUPPLIER to manage all orders and understand where your resellers are selling your products to.


 Duke is open to working with the existing logistics infrastructure the SUPPLIER has in place as long as the delivery is fast, efficient and it meets the needs of the reseller’s customers. Duke has strong partnerships with logistics companies with comprehensive coverage across the nation which are available for our suppliers to tap into, for wide coverage. Our logistics partners will be fully liable for all losses and damages to packages that may occur during the delivery of packages handled by third-party logistics partners contracted by Duke.


Our resellers are covered by a five-day return policy after delivery. This means that if a customer is not satisfied with a product within five days, they can log a complaint to us and return it for free.  All defective products will be returned to the supplier. Ensure you test all your electronic products before delivering them to customers.  


Duke is fully responsible for paying suppliers for successful sales. The SUPPLIER will send out goods before payments. The payment will be settled by Duke within 7 days if the sale is successful. 

Payment Returns

If the sale is not successful, DUKE will facilitate an investigation, and return goods to the SUPPLIER within 7 working days, and no payment of goods will be made. 


The SUPPLIER will:

High-Quality Products

Issue high-quality products that are of a good standard and have been inspected before leaving the warehouse. The Supplier shall list quality goods and services that demonstrate whole-of-life value for money on the Duke Dashboard. The Supplier shall adhere to shipping out high-quality products that meet the standards and laws set by the government. 

High-quality Images and unedited short videos

  • The supplier shall provide high-quality images and unedited 30 seconds videos of a product in use, without any watermarks.  

  • Duke reserves the right to not list a product due to poor quality of the content provided. 

  • Duke reserves the right to use all media, images, videos, text and content for promotional, marketing and any other purposes Duke deems fit.


  • The Supplier shall send out plain packages with no brand printed on them.

  • The Supplier shall not add their address to the packages or their prices to the package.

  • Package the right quantity and items into a well-packaged parcel. The supplier will take the liability for sending the wrong orders. 

  • Providing accurate inventory counts and updating the inventory listed on the Duke Platform. 

  • Be fully responsible for products they list on our platform. Duke reserves the right to delist  SUPPLIER’s products listed on the platform for reasons not limited to counterfeit products, low quality, and high prices. 

Data Protection

The data shared between these two companies shall be used for the sole purpose of fulfilling the services mentioned above only.  The Supplier shall comply with all relevant laws pertaining to data protection and shall not do or omit to do anything which would cause a breach of Data Protection.


If any party wishes to terminate the contract, they will give a notice of 3 weeks, and communicate via email and a termination contract will be signed by both parties.