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Receive orders on your supplier dashboard.
Once you get an order, you can either deliver to customer or make product available for Duke to deliver on your behalf.
Receive Payment after Delivery
Receive payment in your Duke wallet after delivery has been completed. Supplier can request for payout from wallet to bank or mobile money account.
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Benefits of becoming a Duke Supplier

Timely and Transparent Payouts
Receive prompt and fast payouts. Our support team is always available to assist.
Increase your sales with low cost
Reach more customers through our Duke reseller network. Available to all Suppliers at no cost.
Logistics support
Reliable courier partners at your finger tips.
Strong Word of Mouth And Virality For Your Brand

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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community

Anyone who has physical products and is willing to sell at wholesale prices can become a supplier on Duke. Duke helps suppliers reach more customers at ZERO cost through Duke resellers. These resellers act as distributors for you.

It’s completely FREE to register on Duke. We charge a small commission only when a sale is made. All you have to do is to provide products at wholesale prices so our resellers can also add their profit.

You can handle deliveries if you have your own fleet. If you don't, no worries, we will connect you to one of our logistics partners.

We have a very strict quality assurance process for suppliers before they list on Duke. We take active feedback from resellers and we use that to blacklist suppliers with poor quality products. For the majority of products, we encourage suppliers to add real-life photos and videos of the products in their natural state.

We send all profits to your Bank Account or Momo number within working days 5 days after delivery.

Resellers have the freedom to add any profit they want. We will provide resellers with information on the current market price of the product so they don’t over/underprice. But it’s totally up to a reseller to decide how much to add.

Supplier dashboard gives you all the information, from sales, inventory number and your payout request status.

You can list as many products as you can.

Your resellers will pay Duke and you will receive the funds when delivery is complete.

Of course. On Duke, you can sell anything you want, no restrictions.

Yes Suppliers have the freedom to be Resellers as well.

 We currently operate in South Africa and Nigeria. But we are expanding to other countries soon.

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